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Sep 30

"Or what?" (Michael Clifford)


Requested : Yes

  • I just really need rough Michael smut with a daddy kink
  • Can I have a rough dominate Michael
  • dominante michael please!

Rating : R

Word count : 1 764

Story line : You decide to play a little game with Michael and it soon turns into rough sex (Dominate Michael of course)

AN : bvbkali11 Thank you for requesting ! <3 xx

You watched as Michael started to walk back and forth on the balcony; his phone tightly pressed to his ear as he furrowed his eyebrows in concentration. If you hadn’t known him for so long, you’d have thought something bad was happening; but you knew by now that it was just his way of handling a phone call. You could tell it was a business call because he kept taking his bottom lip between his thumb and forefinger, tugging at it every now and then and then gently caressing it as he listened carefully to what the person on the other side of the line was saying.

You saw him remove the phone from his ear and hit a button on the screen before stepping in again and collapsing on the sofa next to you, his hands immediately finding your thigh as he shifted to make himself comfortable. “Everything okay?” You asked just to make sure and he nodded before lifting his eyes up to yours; “Just the usual” he murmured before gently pressing his plump lips to yours.

You couldn’t stop the heavy breath from coming out of your mouth as he pulled away and a smirk immediately appeared on his face as he raised an eyebrow at you. Yeah because if it was true to say that you knew him like the back of your hand, the opposite was pretty much accurate too and he knew damn well how much the way he acted when he was on the phone turned you on.

“Oh, baby” he teased as he started to inch his hand up your legs until it reached the hem of your pajama shorts; “Don’t make fun of me” you pouted as you crossed your arms over your chest; “Or what” he breathed, his face just centimeters away from yours as his fingers slipped under the fabric. “Or you won’t get some for an entire week, Michael” you threatened, conviction clearly lacking in your tone as you tried to keep a straight face.

“Oh really?” he asked as he cocked his eyebrows at you and you felt his fingers brush over your panties, right on top of your clit; you put all of your efforts into pretending it didn’t affect you and looked into his amused eyes; “really” you confirmed.

He didn’t give you a second to proceed what was happening as he grabbed both your thighs and jerked you down on the sofa before lying between your legs and pining your hips down with his own. “Don’t fight me, baby girl” he said as his nose brushed your face and his hands rested on your sides. “Or what?” you asked with a low voice as you quoted his words; he looked at you for a second, lust evident in his eyes before leaning down and placing his lips at your ear. “Or I will tie you up to the bed and fuck you so hard you won’t ever think about denying me again” he whispered lowly and your breath inched in your throat as his fingers grabbed the waistband of your shorts and yanked them down roughly.

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Sep 29

Preference #6: A Cute Family/Picture of Your Baby He Tweets.



@NiallOffical: Me, My Queen and My Princess all have matching shoes!


@Real_Liam_Payn: Our little lads first holiday! He’s lovin’ it!


@Louis_Tomlinson: Y/N just texted me this! I’ll be home soon princess’ :(xx


@Harry_Styles: Shes defiantly not a morning person.


@zaynmalik: She loves her new teddy! She cuddles with it more then me:(


Sep 29

Extremely Dirty Harry Imagine →


This imagine is EXTREMELY dirty read at your own risk, contains strong language, blowjobs, riding, eating out, and rough sex, fingering, and explicit language

You have been warned


Today was the day. You finally decided to break down and buy a new car. Yours has…

Sep 26


Au meme: y/n is dating Louis and the boys are overprotective over you.

Requested by anon

Sep 25

I’m Busy



Also this wasn’t a request because I’m trying to get back on the writing horse again and I didn’t want to fuck up anyone’s request!


"Liam?" You called out walking around your large flat.

Liam had agreed to spend the evening with you, just you. No e-mails or phone calls, just the two of you. But right now he was nowhere to be seen but he could be heard mumbling something throughout the house.

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Sep 25

"I don’t fucking care where you want it because until you call me daddy I’m fucking you right here to moan like a whore,so atleast other people can know who he is"said Liam in the park


"I don’t fucking care where you want it because until you call me daddy I’m fucking you right here to moan like a whore,so atleast other people can know who he is"said Liam in the park

Sep 21

Nouis bath time


Nouis bath time

Sep 18


Had a lovely time with my beautiful family! We spent an hour in our lovely back yard :) The babies loved all of the sights and sounds, and I loved getting to cuddle with Zee <3 -Niall

Sep 16

You Jump, I Jump (Niall Horan Smut) for Olivia *REQUESTED* →


Sorry it took so long! I kept getting distracted! Hope you like it!!

My phone buzzed and it was a message from Harry.

Hey liv, we just pulled up. Coming in.

The boys had just gotten back from their first tour opening for Big Time Rush, and I hadn’t seen my best friends for 3 months. I…

Sep 15
My #mcm is tom from the wanted :) @tomparkerofficial

My #mcm is tom from the wanted :) @tomparkerofficial